Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Things have been crazy around the Every Road HQ lately, with updates being rolled out, new features being added and new content being created for you to absorb and immerse yourself in.

Besides this NEWS tab to keep you informed on a bit of the behind the scenes action here at Every Road, the latest addition to the family is our brand new YouTube channel called, EveryRoad TV. This channel is an exciting addition, although it has certainly come with its challenges, have you ever watched and heard yourself on video before it’s a weird feeling. I do however hope that you take the time to watch the episodes as I release them as I truly believe that most people will be able to get something from these tips and techniques relating to basic car maintenance.

The very first episode of Every Road TV launched on the 16th June 2019. I chose this date to as it was on that day 16 years earlier that I began my apprenticeship as a mechanic, so what better way to celebrate that achievement than by releasing the next step in my journey.

The first episode covers how to identify and and open your cars bonnet and fuel filler flap and can be watched by clicking this link.

This Friday 28th June 2019, at 4pm, the second episode on our great channel will be live for you viewing pleasure so make sure you either look us up on YouTube or click the YouTube tab at the top of this website and it will take you staright to our channel homepage.

P.S. Don’t forget that if you find any of the YouTube videos I post helpful and useful, then click the subscribe button and if you don’t wish to miss any new episodes then click the “Bell” icon on our YouTube channel to turn notifications on so that you don’t miss out on the latest episodes. Also if you know someone that may find the tips, techniques and instructions useful then please share the heck out of the video, The more people that we here at Every Road can help and impact the better.

P.P.S. Also remember to head over to our Facebook page and Instagram account and like, follow and share our page as we share a heap of content on those platforms for you to consume and enjoy.

If you are interested in some personal lessons on basic vehicle maintenance, then get in touch via the contact form to see how we may be able to help you.

Until next time, Happy Travels on Every Road.

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