New Video Tip Available

Hey there, I hope you have been well, it has been another busy past couple of weeks here at Every Road HQ. I have been doing a heap of backend work to help with the complete, overall experience that Every Road provides. To add to that I have been out exploring and filming with my family to some pretty cool places here in the North East of Victoria, Australia.

We have been out to the Mt Samaria State Park for some exploring, as well as travelling along the North East Victorian Silo Art Trail to see some of the amazing artwork that artists from around the world have put on display. To add to all that I have also filmed, edited and released a new video for my YouTube channel and the Basic Car Maintenance Tips and Instruction Series.

The most recent video tip teaches you How To Change A Flat Tyre In Six Easy Steps. I am really proud of this video, I feel it covers everything needed to safely and easily change a flat tyre, when the need arises., without being a boring how to video that is hard to follow.

Please take the time to watch this episode, or any of the other released episodes, if you are in the need for some basic car maintenance tips.

Until next time, keep making tracks on Every Road.


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