2019 Second Most Popular Adventure Blog.

Hopefully you have been enjoying our 2019 most popular series. In today’s post I share with you our 2019 second most popular adventure blog.

Before I share with you what that blog post, can I just want to send out my thoughts and best wishes to everyone who has been affected by these nasty bushfires that are burning right across Australia. A massive thank you to all the emergency services personnel, both career and volunteer, for their time in battling the fires and ensuring that everyone can be as safe as is possible.

Now back to our second most popular adventure blog post of 2019, Conquering Cape York.

This was a very personal account of an epic adventure that covered all the trials and tribulations that we needed to overcome in not only getting to go on this trip but also the obstacles that were encountered and overcome during this trip of a lifetime.

There is a little bit of something in this blog for everyone, so to read that post click the following link. http://everyroadautoandoutdoors.com/2019/01/27/conquering-cape-york/

Stay tuned for tomorrow where we unveil the number 1 adventure blog post of 2019. Until then Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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