The Most Popular Adventure Blog Post of 2019

Here we are, almost halfway through our most popular of 2019 series and at the end of our top three most popular adventure blog posts from the last year. Before I share the most popular adventure blog let me recap with the blog posts that came in second and third.

The third most popular adventure blog was the Lima Falls Walk, an adventure that took us into the hills of Lima, between Benalla and Mansfield, and saw us take the bush walk to the nicely hidden Lima Falls.

The second most popular adventure blog was our Conquering Cape York blog. A story formed out of the challenges we faced not only on this epic trip but also some of the challenges that see overcome to start the trip and what the whole trip really meant.

And now the most popular adventure blog post of 2019, drum roll……..Exploring Mt. Samaria. This blog was by far our most popular adventure blog of 2019, in fact it was our most popular and best performing blog of all our categories for 2019 and was streets ahead of our the next best performing blog.

This blog detailed our adventure and exploration through the Mt. Samaria State Park , taking in the Wild Dog Falls, at the end of a stunning bushwalk. We also had a look around the Sawmill and Kiln ruins and then finished our adventure off by stopping at the Rocky Point Lookout.

To catchup and read this blog post click the following link

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Tomorrow we start sharing our three most popular car care/maintenance YouTube videos starting with the third places video so stay tuned for that.

Until then Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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