Our 2nd Best Performing Car Care/Maintenance Video of 2019.

Apologies for missing a day, I did promise to post every day for 12 days for our 12 best performing/most popular of 2019 series, however due to last minute volunteering commitments it meant I missed yesterdays blog.

Ok now we can get to the good part, our 2nd best performing car care/maintenance video of 2019. Our 3rd place video, which provided instruction on the easy way to check your tyre’s tread depth.

Just beating that video and making it into 2nd place is our video on how to open your car’s bonnet (or hood for our American followers) and fuel filler flap.

This video shows you how to locate and identify your car’s bonnet and fuel flap release mechanisms, where in the car they maybe located, hint: not all cars are found in the same location, and then how to open said bonnet and fuel flap.

If you feel like this video could help you, then click the following video link to watch the video.

Basic tips but definately worth the watch.

I hope you enjoy that video and you find it helpful, also feel free to share it, or any of our video’s with any friends or family that you feel may find useful and/or helpful.

Come back tomorrow where we share our best performing/most popular car care/maintenance video of 2019, you don’t want to miss this one as the tips in can help everyone, and I mean everyone, who drives a car. Even if you have done and can do the tips in the number 1 car care video I am positive that there is atleast 1 helpful tip in that video to help make that job easier for you, so make sure you tune back in tomorrow for that video.

Until then Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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