2019 3rd Best Performing Adventure Vlog.

Wow, this is extremely exciting, we are now down to the last phase of our 2019 best performing/most popular series, the 3 best performing adventure vlogs from our YouTube channel. So far we have covered the 3 best performing car care/maintenance blogs, 3 best performing adventure blogs and just yesterday announced the last of our top 3 best performing car care/maintenance videos.

We created the adventure vlog series with the purpose to prove that by looking after your car and carrying out regular checks that you can jump in your car and drive comfortable in the knowledge that your car is in good working order.

The creation and filming of this adventure vlog series has been a challenging yet extremely fun and rewarding little project.

In this post I am going to share with you our third best performing adventure vlog, and that being our adventure Stringybark Creek-Exploring Kelly Country, the historical site of the Kelly Gang Police murders.

We took the chance to take the bushwalking loop through the surrounding bushland, which passes through the historical locations that have been marked and identified throughout the area.

Below is the link to this great little video, so make sure you click that link to watch this adventure through Kelly Country. This vlog also briefly showcases two nearby camping grounds as well an historical grave site that is truely unique.

Make sure you tune back in tomorrow where we share our second best, best performing adventure vlog. To tease a bit more, this adventure also showed up in our top three adventure blog posts, any guesses?

Until then Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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