2019 Best Performing Car Care/Maintenance Video.

Hello there, I hope you have had a great week, I am back with the next installment of our 2019 best performing/most popular series and I am super excited to share with you our 2019 best performing car care/maintenance video, that is right our Number 1 car tips video for 2019. What is it you ask? Well I will reveal that very soon.

Before I reveal our best performing car care/maintenance video of 2019, let us recap our best performing car care videos. In 3rd place is The easy way to check tyre tread depth, this video is full of the tips professionals like mechanics and tyre fitters use to quickly and easily determine the life of your tyres. 2nd place is a helpful video for those who are complete novices when it comes to their cars, including those who have never had to put fuel in their car and wouldn’t know how to.

Ok ok ok, I can now reveal our number one, our 2019 best performing car care/maintenance video, que the drum roll…How to change a flat tyre in 6 easy steps. As I mentioned yesterday I believe that this video will have ateast 1 tip in it for everyone, and I mean everyone, it shows you what tools you need to change the flat, what to look for to jack the car up, safety tips for the whole process and even a clever and helpful little tip that will making removing and refitting the wheel easier, I promise if you do it right you won’t break a sweat or even a fingernail.

To watch our 2019 best performing car care/maintenance video all you need to is click the following link.

See if you can hear the chainsaw interupting me in the background 😉

I hope you have found the tips, tricks and techniques in, not just our best performing but, all of our car care/maintenance blog posts and videos useful and helpful. Remember that you are responisble for looking after your car and that by doing so you will save money in running and repair costs. Also if you would like to learn how to look after your car, you can book a private lesson with me where you will learn, hands on, how to carry out foundational car care on your own car you can enquire via email.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow where we begin to unveil our best performing adventure vlogs of 2019. These were a heap of fun to make throughout the year and has inspired me to make even more this coming year, although I may have to wait a while to be able to get back into some areas that have been affected by our devastating bushfires, but I will do my best to start filming them as soon as is safe and practicle.

Until then, Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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