2019 2nd Best Performing Adventure Vlog.

Almost there, thats right after today’s big reveal we have only one reveal left to complete our 2019 best performing/most popular series. In todays post I will reveal our 2019 best performing adventure vlog.

This video was great fun and like our other adventures it involved taking my family along. I am still unsure why this video performed alot better than most of our other videos, I don’t know if it were the location or the intrigue of something different, whatever it was the stats showed that you, the audience, enjoyed it.

So what adventure was it that came in, in second place? It is our Exploring Mt. Samaria adventure, this was our very first attempt at recording our adventures and was the beginning of what I hope will be many more adventures, as long as you keep watching We will keep producing them.

Mt. Samaria is a fantastic place to visit and explore, it has a big history in the logging industry, with remmnants and ruins still standing for that history to be preseved in. There is also a couple of waterfalls, lookouts and numerous bushwalks, spread right throughout the State Park, just begging for you to discover.

Before you head out and create your own adventure throughout the Mt. Samaria State Park go and watch our adventure vlog below.

Make sure that you tune back in for our most watched, most popular, most shared and overall best performing, not best performing adventure vlog, but our best performing piece of major content that we created and produced in 2019.

Until then remember to Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.


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