Exploring Beechworth.

Have you ever been to the stunning, historical Beechworth? If not you are missing out, There is so much that this picturesque little town has to offer. Over the Australia Day long weekend my family and I took a break from the devastating, hectic bushfire riddled summer we had been having and got away for a spot of R&R.

Using the Beechworth Holiday park as our home base for our weekend of exploring Beechworth, we broke our stay up into two types of adventures. The first where we got out into nature and explored some of the native surrounds that the town has to offer and then secondly, we took to the pavement and discovered some of the historical background, buildings and artifacts that the town has been through since its beginnings.

Our home for the weekend, The Beechworth Holiday Park, is situated just outside of the townshhip of Beechworth, on the Old Stanley Rd. This beautiful little holiday park has a number of cabins spread around and also has a spacious camping area for those who would rather pitch a tent or park up a caravan. We stayed in one of their nice little cottages during our visit.

Looking at the brochures and their website the park mentions that there is Koalas in the surrounding trees, so when I told the kids that, it was our mission to spot a Koala before the weekend was out. To our luck we spotted one of these furry characters on our first evening there, which also happened to be, just behind our cottage. You can just imagine the thrill and excitement of our kids when they spotted “Mr. Koala”, sorry no pics. This led to many bedtime stories of “Mr. Koala” and his adventures, in one of those stories he even ate Pine Tree Needles and made himself feel a little bit sick.

Noted on the park layout was a couple of walking tracks that started at the park, one of which made note of old unused gold mines, so off we headed, across the creek and out into the bush to see where the track would take us.

Through some thick scrub and native bushland we found the site of a couple of old unused gold mines, all behind locked gates for obvious safety reasons. Looking at the size of the mine openings really makes you appreciate how hard those miners actually had it. The entrances were so small my five year old daughter would have had trouble standing up straight in the mine shaft, definately not an ideal job if you suffered from claustrophobia.

During this walk the kids experienced a very good lesson on being in the bush and around Gum trees. Only 30 metres, or so, from where we were on the walking track a large branch, also known as a widow maker, fell scaring Cara and the kids. It scared them to a point where I thought they were not going to walk back to the park.

Upon safely returning to the Holiday Park we jumped in the Triton and headed for the refreshing Woolshed Falls, to dip our feet in, or fall in, one of the many water holes that are spread down the length of the rocky escarpment of the falls.

One of the rocks pools at Woolshed Falls.

You really need to be careful on those rocks as they can get extremely slippery, as I eventually found out when I set the video camera up for some shots and then tried to walk back across to the other side of the rock pool only to hit the deck and make a huge splash, not only in front of the camera but also to an audience of onlookers, who were laughing almost as hard as I was (you can see this in an upcoming adventure vlog on our youtube channel).

Our daughter, Cailin, thought that looked like fun and started deliberately falling down, only for this hilarity to end in tears as she played the fool one too many times and ended up grazing her hands on the rocks.

From the Woolshed falls we made our way back the town centre, only to detour onto the Gorge Drive. This stunning little scenic drive is a one way road that winds you through the Beechworth Gorge. Along the way there are even more little water holes to cool off in, although you may need a capable 4 wheel drive to find a park up un the edge of the road, as parking through here is very minimal, which can only be a good thing as it helps to keep the numbers at bay.

Further along the Scenic Gorge Drive there is a couple of amazing lookouts that spread their views across the jaw dropping valleys below. The drive continues to wind its way along the Gorge until it finishes up at the lookout towards Newtown Bridge and the Spring Creek waterfalls that pass underneath the bridge.

Once we finished here it was time to venture back to the Holiday park and relax for the evening, although not before the kids convinced us to take them for a swim in the park pool. This would not normally be a problem, however even thoguh it was the middle of summer, it was considerably cold for this time of year, I’m sure kids don’t feel the cold when they are swimming, or atleast that’s our kids anyway.

Stay tuned as coming up I will share with you the second part our our Beechworth adventure, where we head into the town and visit Billson’s Brewery and then go and take a self guided tour through the historical town of Beechworth.

Untill next time remember to go and adventure, discover, explore, every road.

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