Fireman’s Stirfry

We all know and have all tried a version of the good old stirfry at one point or another, but what about a Fireman’s Stirfry, what is that? Well keep reading as you will find out what this version of a stirfry is and the story of where it originated.

The Australian 2019/2020 summer was a particularly bad fire season and it was during one of the many fires that this meal landed in my lap. As some of you may know I am a volunteer firefighter for my local fire brigade, and it was whilst out on volunteer duties, that I borrowed, for want of a better word, the inspiration for this throw together meal.

One thing that the CFA (Country Fire Authority) do well is look after their members when they are out serving their community. Whilst the firefighters are out on the fireground putting out fires, management are ensuring that, atleast on bigger fires, those out battling the blazes are nourished and fed when they get a break from the fire grounds.

This time around, in the recovery area, the brigades were being fed by one amazing volunteer, and his food truck, I wish I knew his name. A one man show, he was cooking up, sausages, hamburgers and even a delicious stirfry and when I say delicious I really mean it. During our downtime I watched as he cooked up veggies, and meat and mixed it all together, hence the name “Fireman’s Stirfry”. The meal I got out of this is like Tenacious D’s Tribute, “this is not the greatest stirfry in the world…oh…this is just a tribute.”

The Fireman’s Stirfry

The Fireman’s Stirfry recipe is a minced meat and veggie stirfry served on a bed of rice.


500g Minced Meat (I used beef however you could use what ever type of mince you like)

1 serving of Rice (your choice of rice)

1 Capsicum

1 Brown Onion


Handful of Cherry Tomatoes

Your Choice of Seasoning. (I used Salt, Pepper and Paprika)


Cut up all vegetables’ into rustic sized pieces and store aside.

Add a small amount of cooking oil to the pan and heat up. Once the pan is hot add the minced meat and cook until meat is cooked through and all browned off.

Next add the rough chopped vegetables’ to the cooked mince.

Season the stirfry with Paprika, Salt and Pepper. Feel free to try different kinds of seasonings, and stir through the cooked meat, cooking until the vegetables’ are cooked to your liking.

Cook your rice, in this instance I used microwaved rice simply for ease and practicallity, however feel free to cook your rice up from scratch, if you would rather do that.

Place the cooked rice on the plate and add the stir fry meat and vegetable mix on top of the rice.

Eat and enjoy.

There you have it our Firemamn’s Stirfry, not the greatest stirfry in the world, just a tribute.

Until next time continue to create your own memories and remeber to Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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