Easy Camp Oven Damper

It is one thing to cook up a mouth watering roast in the camp oven but to then serve it with a boring old piece bread from the supermarket is almost tragedy, luckily I have the solution. a simple and Easy Camp Oven Damper. Cook this up and you will be the envy of the camp ground.

The delicious golden easy camp oven damper, straight off the camp fire coals.

Why choose Damper over Bread? well it is basically it is super quick and easy to mix up and cook. There is no waiting for the yeast to rise, there is minimal kneeding of the mixture and if you have kids, then you can let them join in the fun of creating such an easy yet delicious staple.

To tell the truth, there has been times at home when there has been no bread left in our house yet we have had a little bit of flour in the cupboard and milk in the fridge, so we have cooked up a simple little damper as a side to our meals, only replacing the camp oven for the oven in our kitchen.

The damper, ready for the camp oven.

The ingredients and methods for this Easy Camp Oven Damper are just that easy that you may find yourself scratching your head thinking that there must be more to the process…but there isn’t.

WARNING: Once you start to cut this up it won’t last long, it really is that delicious.


– Approximately 1 Cup of Self Raising Flour. (depends on how big of a loaf you want to make).

– Pinch Of Salt.

– Milk (enough to help mix the flour together).


1 – Pre heat the camp oven by sitting it next to the campfire.

2 – Pour the self-raising flour into a mixing bowl.

3 – Add a pinch of salt to the flour.

4 – Add the milk to the flour, (only enough to hold the flour mixture together).

5 – Mix all the ingredients together until the flour mix reaches a claggy, wet play dough like consistency.

6 – Remove the camp oven from the fire and sprinkle a small amount of flour across the bottom of the camp oven.

7 – Add the uncooked damper to the camp oven.

8 – Place the camp oven on a bed of hot coals and cover the lid of the camp oven with a layer of hot coals.

9 – Regularly check the damper.

10 – Once the damper is cooked, (approximately 20-30minutes), (cooking times will vary depending on size of the damper and heat of the coals), Remove the camp oven from the fire and remove the cooked damper from the camp oven.

NOTE: To tell if the damper is cooked you can use one of two methods,

1- Tap the damper and listen, the damper should have a hollow sound to it. 2- Insert a knife or roasting fork into the damper and then remove, if cooked the fork should come out clean.

11 – Slice the damper up and cover with lashings of butter, or margarine.

12 – Serve with your mouth watering camp oven lamb roast.

13 – Hide any left overs from everyone else so that you can enjoy the rest 😉

WHat a sight for hungry eyes, Lamb Roast in one camp oven, Damper in the other.

If you have had a go of cooking up a mouth watering roast in the camp oven, then why not go the whole hog and cook up a scrumptious damper to go with it. It is easy, tasty and it really compliments the roast that you have just cooked up.

Have you ever used a camp oven to cook with? If not then maybe a simple damper is the perfect start to your camp fire cooking addiction.

Go and cook this up, even if you attempt it in the oven in your kitchen, and leave a comment on how your damper turned out, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time go and create your own memories as we, adventure, discover, explore, every road.

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