Dogs In Blankets…Left Overs With A Difference.

How often have you had a roast, yet at the end you have had some meat left over? Well in this post I share with you a different way to use up that left over roast meat, with Dogs In Blankets.

Frying up a batch of Dogs In Blankets over the campfire.

Dogs In Blankets is a nickname given to battered left over roast meat. Forget about your cold meat sandwich or tossing the meat in with a green salad, treat your arteries to this beer battered roast meat left overs, Dogs In Blankets. Taken from the recipe in Jack and Reg Absaloms’ Outback Cooking In The Camp Oven, this easy recipe could be used as a snack or part of a main meal.

I was first introduced to this recipe, whilst out camping with my family, a number of years ago, by my mum who wanted to try something different with the left over meat from the previous nights camp oven roast.

The previously mentioned cook book was generally with us on our camping trips, so it was nothing to flick through the pages and try out and experiment with different recipes and meal ideas whilst relaxing around the campfire and in between swimming trips to the nearby river, and yes we even went for a swim or two, or atleast my brother and I did mum and dad weren’t as stupid as we were, during the middle of our freezing cold North East Victorian winters.

If just the thought of an easy campfire meal is starting to warm up your campfire, then make sure you keep reading to find out how to create some amazing camp fire memories and use up your left over roast with, ths great little meal, Dogs In Blankets.

The recipe and directions for this delicious little meal are below.


– Left over roast meat.

– 2 cups of Self-Raising flour.

– Pinch of Salt.

– 1 Egg.

– 1 Beer.

– Cooking Oil.


1. Pour the 2 cups of Self-Raising flour into a mixing bowl.

2. Add 1 Egg to the flour.

3. Season with a pinch of Salt.

4. Pour half the beer into the flour mixture.

5. Mix the contents of the bowl, adding more beer to the mixture as is necessary, until you achieve a smooth, not runny, mixture. If the batter mixture is too runny it won’t stick to the meat for cooking.

6. Add cooking oil to a frying pan and place the frying pan over the hot coals of the camp fire, to heat up the oil.

HOT TIP: To test if the oil is hot enough for frying, flick a few drops of water onto the oil and listen, If the oil sizzles when the water droplets hit the oil then the oil is ready for you to start frying away.

7. Add the left over roast meat to the beer batter mixture, in the bowl, and liberally cover the meat with the batter.

8. Add the battered pieces of roast meat to the frying pan. Turn and cook, the meat, until the batter becomes golden brown in colour.

9. Remove the cooked beer battered meat, Dogs In Blankets, from the frying pan and allow to drain on a plate and paper towel.

10. Serve with salad, vegetable’s or just enjoy the Dogs In Blankets by themselves with some Tomato sauce and enjoy.

The golden deliciousness that is Dogs In Blankets. Yum.

Dogs In Blankets, really is an easy way to use up left over meat whilst you are out camping. It may not be the healthiest meal out there but it definately up there on the deliciousness scale, if there is such a thing. If you don’t have left over roast then you could use any left over meat, you are really only limited by your imagination.

If you are at home or prehaps you don’t have a camp oven yet, I suggest going and buying yourself one because they are awesome, then meals like this and the other meals in this Adventure Cook Up’s series can easily be recreated at home in your home oven or on your home stove top. So don’t let that stop you from trying out different meals, infact I would love to hear about some of the meals that you have created in the camp oven, on the camp fire, or maybe you have a meal that you would like but don’t have a camp oven, or aren’t sure how it would go as a campfire meal, then let me know, send through the recipe and Ill cook it up and be the crash test dummy, so to speak.

I look forward to hearing from you, so, until then go and create your own memories as we, adventure, discover, explore, every road.

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