Paradise Falls

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, Victoria’s North East has some amazing, breathtaking, sights and locations and nestled in the King Valley, is the stunning Paradise Falls.

Having been couped up in the confines of the family home, just like pretty much everyone else in the world at the time, we had plenty of time to pick out places to visit and sights to see, and high on that list was the breathtaking Paradise Falls.

It’s funny how sometimes things just happen without any real warning. On our way to Paradise Falls, we hadn’t even got to Whitfield let alone the Falls themselves, driving along, minding our business, just taking in the scenery and keeping the ute on the road, Cara, my wife, happened to catch out the corner of her eye what she thought was something falling off of our ute? What could it be…looking out the rear view mirror showed that the awning was falling off, but why? Pulling over as soon as was safe to do so I was greeted by the awning hanging from the rear awning mount, on closer inspection the aluminium backing plate that the awning is held on by had broken right next to the front roof rack mount, the only thing to do? Break it off and strap it onto the roof rack, I knew there was a reason I keep a few tie down straps in the storage draw.

A broken awning to start our day.

With that little moment done and dusted, we got back on the road and made our way to Cheshunt where we stopped for the kids to have a bit of a run around on the grassy parkland.

Getting There.

Approximately 1 hour South of Wangaratta, Paradise Falls is situated on the edge of the Alpine National Park, on the, you guessed it, Paradise Falls Road.

The road is a sealed road all the way from Wangaratta and only changes to a well maintained dirt/gravel road at the beginning of the Paradise Falls Road.

Whilst it is always a good idea to use some type of map for any type of travel, if you are prepared to keep an out and read the road signs, then the way to Paradise Falls is well sign posted and reasonably easy to follow and get to, without any confusion.

Take your time on these roads, not only for the obvious safety reasons, but there is some amazing farm land and valley views and if you pass through there at the right time of day, the sun reflections on the hill sides and farm dams can be breath taking.

Finding The Falls.

On arriving to the Falls carpark area, we were blown away to find that car parking was at a premium, with not only the main car park practically overflowing but even the secondary smaller car park almost full as well, and the flow of visitors just kept coming.

One of the maps that are on the information board at the carpark.

Right next to the car park is a little picnic/lunch area with BBQ fire pit and park benches. To our disgust there was a heap of rubbish just left scattered across the fire pit and what makes this worse is that it was less than 48 hours before, that the 2 month long lockdown, restrictions were eased, meaning that this rubbish was left there by a group of lazy visitors and I say group because there was way too much rubbish for one person to create in such a short period of time. It really isn’t hard to carry your own rubbish home, so do the right thing please, so that we can all continue to enjoy these special places.

The Walk.

The walk into Paradise Falls is one of pure beauty. A fairly simple walk, that will only take about 10-15 minutes each way, although a moderate level of fitness would be recommended as there is a few rock staircases to negotiate along the way.

The walk snakes you through the edge of a magnificent valley, with some stunning valley and bush covered hill views. There are some stretches of the walk that has some steps cut into the track to make the uphill and down hill sections easier and safer.

Moss covered rocky out crops are scattered along the path and there is even one section where you walk under neath a large rock ledge, making for a fun little photo chance for you to try and “lift” the rock.

When the water is flowing, the Falls are easily heard, echoing down the valley, long before they are to be seen.

It is only as you get nearer to the falls that you will find a safety balustrading along the edge of the path, with a nice little viewing area with a distance view of the waterfalls at the end of the path.

From there it is a little bit of a scramble to pop back up to the old section of the path which then leads you down to the underside of the waterfalls and onto the beauty that you came for.

The Falls.

At 31 metres tall, these falls are quite large and with the way the rock ledge has been formed there is plenty of room to walk beneath the flowing falls, without even a hint of getting wet.

Of course there is a little path that allows you to walk down to the base of the falls and get a closer look of the small pond and creek that the falls flow into.

If you stop and position yourself in the right place along the wall of the rock ledge you can actually hear water flowing through the rock, which is quite a strange sensation. About half way along the wall of the falls is a little rock pool where this “hidden” stream of pure icy cold water comes from and flows out of the rock wall and onto the ground below.

The whole area of the Paradise Falls is deceivingly large, in fact if you stand at one side of the base of the falls and look across to other visitors right at the base and even the other side those that you look at could be mistaken for ants.

If you have never been to Paradise Falls then you definitely need to put this one onto your bucket list, however you are best to time your visit to coincide with some recent rain fall, as these falls are subject to drying up during prolonged dry periods, we were lucky as our visit was not long after the drought had broken in a big way, in the area.

Paradise Falls are one of the more popular waterfalls in the North East and the chances of being there alone are slim, especially if you go there on a weekend when the weather is at it’s best.

I hope you use this blog post as inspiration to get out, discover and create your own adventure, because there is an adventure on every road.

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  1. Paradise Falls has been on my radar for several years. I m a fan of the big, cascading waterfalls and deep blue pools and from the pictures I ve seen, it sure seemed like a falls I was going to like.

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