Season 1 Adventures (2019)

Welcome to Every Road Adventures. On this page you will find adventures that we were able go on during our first year, 2019, of creating and filming our adventures.

Exploring Mt Samaria. Bushwalking, Waterfalls and Lookouts.

Welcome the the very first Episode of Every Road Adventures. In this Nathan and his family head out on the tracks and explore the Mt. Samaria State Park in Vic High Country. On a stunning 2019 winters day, the Mt. Samaria State Park and its hidden gems, really turned on the charm.

North East Silo Art Trail. Silos, Art, Canola and History.

In this episode of Every Road Adventures we hit the North East Silo Art Trail and travel through canola country. Starting in Benalla we travel through the small country towns of Goorambat, Devenish, St. James and Tungamah and finish the trip in the Heart of the Winton Wetlands. Come along for the journey as we visit these towns and take in the amazing artwork that has given a breath of life to these historical towns.

We came back to Tungamah (and Rochester). Silo Art Trail Pt 2.

After such a positive response to our previous video on the North East Silo Art Trail and hearing that Sobrane had been back to add to her work on the Tungamah Silo we decided to travel back to Tungamah and check out the fresh work. We weren’t disappointed. After leaving Tungamah we drove a further 1 1/2 hours east to the town of Rochester to look at Jimmy DVates art work on the Rochester Silos.

Stringybark Creek – Exploring Kelly Country and the site of the Police Murders.

In this episode we went to Stringybark Creek and explored the area around the Kelly Tree, the site of the Kelly Gang police murders. We also find an old historic grave and check out a couple of nearby camping grounds.

Lookout, Waterfalls, Bushwalking and Nature. We visit Carmichael Falls at Dinner Plain.

In this adventure we visited the Carmichael Falls at Dinner Plain. In this vlog we took the opportunity to check out the Carmichael Falls, a water fall that is only a short bushwalk from the alpine village of Dinner Plain, during an overnight early summer stay at one of the chalets in the village.

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