Campground Previews and Reviews

Use the videos on this page to help you find a new campground for your next camping trip.

Stringybark Creek Campground Review

We visit the Stringybark Creek Campground and review it and its surrounds. In this video we explain where and how to find this amazing bush retreat, as well as just about everything you need to know before you head off and set up camp in this historic part of the country.

Old School House Campground. A Campground With History.

In this campground review we visit the Old School House Campground. This is a campground with history, and lots of it. In this video you will find out how and where to find this lovely little campground, what you can expect to find, see and do at and around this campground and lots more information to help you find yet another campground to stay at and explore.

Fords Bridge Campground. A Bush Campsite Preview.

In this campground preview we visit, the Fords Bridge Campground, just out of the little country Victorian town of Tatong. This free bush campground sits on the Hollands Creek, so watch to see this sneaky little campsite, what it’s features are, exactly where to find it, what to expect from this campground and what to do in this area.

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