Roadbook Navigation

Roadbook Navigation Have you ever heard of Roadbook Navigation? What is Roadbook Navigation? Have you seen the sports news and wondered how the riders and drivers of Cross Country Rallies manage to find their way through what seems like the middle of nowhere? In this video we share with what Roadbook Navigation and how... Continue Reading →

Season 2 Adventures (2020)

2020, what an epic year it has been, especially in Victoria's North East, however believe it or not, in between the devastating bushfires and the good old "Rona" pandemic, we have still been able to get out and about and explore this amazing part of the world that we live in. This years series sees... Continue Reading →

Paradise Falls

Victoria's North East has some amazing, breathtaking, sights and locations and nestled in the King Valley, is the stunning Paradise Falls.

Waeco CFX75DZ Fridge Freezer Review.

Have you been looking to update and take the next step up from the trusty old esky? Maybe you are in the market for a new fridge/freezer? Then you may find this helpful as I share my thoughts with a review on my own Waeco CFX75DZ Fridge/Freezer. The Dometic Waeco CFX75DZ Before I bought the... Continue Reading →

Easy Camp Oven Damper

It is one thing to cook up a mouth watering roast in the camp oven but to then serve it with a boring old piece bread from the supermarket is almost tragedy, luckily I have the solution. a simple and Easy Camp Oven Damper. Cook this up and you will be the envy of the... Continue Reading →

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