Every Road Adventures is HERE!!!

Hey all, just a quick little post to let you all know that the little project I have been working on, Every Road Adventures for my YouTube channel Every Road TV will be making it’s much anticipated premiere tonight at 7pm.

So what is Every Road Adventures and how does it fit in with the rest of the Every Road platform? Quite simply Every Road shares, teaches and instructs on how to carry out Basic car maintenance, that anybody who drives a car can carry out without any special tools or equipment.

Every Road Adventures is an exploring and adventure series show casing some of the places that we can travel to and visit all in our own amazing backyard.

This is will then compliment the travel/adventure/exploring blog articles that I write that hopefully provide you with the motivation needed to get out and explore for yourself, and if you end up taking a similar adventure to the ones that I share then that is awesome and flattering.

So how does Every Road Adventures tie in with the Every Road Platform? Well to put it simply, the Adventures we go on are to show you where a well maintained vehicle can help you to go and the tips provided throughout the Every Road platform are there to help your confidence in both you and your car.

Until next time, keep making tracks on every Road.

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