This Frustrates Me!!!

Hey there, its been a while since my last blog post, however things have become less hectic now that summer is over.

The Australian summer has been a massive one for a number of reasons, so now that the major bushfire threat appears to be behind us people are heading back out, into and around the country side to support and help the people and communities effected get back on their feet and back to a normal way of life, if that is at all possible. Social movements, such as, #emptyesky and #roadtripforgood are doing more than their fair share to help bring visitors back into these areas and they are doing a fantastic job in doing so.

Also recently the whole world has been gripped by what has been called “a global pandemic” with the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID 19). Here in Australia this has seen unprecedented actions taken by many in the general public in regards to bulk buying and hoarding toilet paper, yes toilet paper. I like many others have been scratching our heads as to why the need to stockpile toilet paper, I just do not understand.

So why am I writing about road trips and the coronavirus in the same blog, let alone why am I writing about it on an adventure blog? Well, recently my family and I took a time out and went away camping for the weekend, a good chance to kick back and unwind around a campfire and have a social media detox, if you will.

It was during this weekend away that I was reminded that some people out there need to wake up, not only campers but also those who spend any amount of time away from the luxuries of modern living, thats right I’m talking about those times you need to answer natures call when there is no toilet around.

The campground we stayed at was the Jones Rd. campground in the hills of Tatong, Victoria. It is a stunning little free campground that is nestled on the banks of the Hollands Creek, not too far from the Stringybark Creek Historic reserve.

Parks Victoria, together with DEWLP, maintain these ground, keeping the grass mowed, fire pits maintained and the toilet block clean and useable. It is the latter that is at the heart of this post, and no I’m not taking a shot at the managing authorities, in fact it is those who use this area, and many areas like it, that need to smarten up.

Now toilets and toilet paper is an odd subject, however when you find toilet paper strewn all around the outside of the toilet rather than in it then the question has to be asked, why? I understand that some people don’t find using a “drop toilet” a pleasant task, however, if those people would rather walk around behind the toilet block or behind the nearest tree do their business and leave it out for the whole world to see, like toilet roll confetti, then it will only be a matter of time that places like this beautiful campground will be closed to the public.

This is not an issue solely related to this campground either, infact these same issues are experienced all over the country, lazy people not disposing of their waste correctly. I have personally seen this from the north of Australia, all the way down to the south. “Pollywaffles and poo tickets” scattered behind trees, bushes and even more frustratingly behind toilet blocks.

Its not a pleasent sight to pull up at a picturesque creek, jump out of the car and go to walk along the waters edge, with young kids in tow, only to be stopped dead in your tracks by a deposit from some lazy, filthy grub.

So what can we as a community do about this country wide problem, simply, leave no trace. It is an old slogan that still sits true to this day. If there is a toilet there, use it, make sure your used loo paper goes into the toilet and not on the ground, take empty rolls home with you and recycle them or use then to help light your campfire. If there is no toilet nearby, I was taught to bury your business, along with your wipings, in a hole at least 15cm deep and 50 metres away from a water source. There are even options out there that allow you to have a portable chemical toilet that you can dispose of at RV dump points. Heck, there is even a product out there called “Poo Powder” where you set up a portable toilet seat, go to work and do your stuff into a “poo” bag and cover it with this powder, you then tie up the bag, take it out with you, and dispose of it in the rubbish bin, just like you would a dirty nappy. All quite painless and all are easy to use and perform options.

Whatever method you choose, please just leave no trace, try and leave the area cleaner than when you got there and that way places like the ones I mentioned will remain open for everyone to continue to explore.

So until next time remember to Adventure, Discover, Explore, Every Road.

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