Season 2 Adventures (2020)

2020, what an epic year it has been, especially in Victoria’s North East, however believe it or not, in between the devastating bushfires and the good old “Rona” pandemic, we have still been able to get out and about and explore this amazing part of the world that we live in. This years series sees our adventures take us all to waterfalls and lookouts, as well as some easy bushwalking, We even get to experience some picturesque little historic towns along the way. So grab your favourite Beveridge, kick back and hit play on our 2020 Season 2 Adventures.

Exploring Beechworth

In this episode of Every Road Adventures we go Exploring Beechworth. Bushwalking, discovering old abandoned gold mines, lookouts, waterfalls and scenic drives, this episode has it all. Beechworth has a rich gold mining history and in this episode we explore some of the remnant’s left over from the gold mining era of the 1850’s. Join us as we Adventure, Discover and Explore Every Road.

Beechworth, Brewery & Bushrangers. We explore the historical side of Beechworth.

In this adventure we continue to explore the township of Beechworth, except this time we become tourists and explore the historic past of this small country town. Nestled in the heart of Victoria’s North East, Beechworth is a picturesque historical town with the towns roots in the Gold Mining era of the mid 1850’s and the infamous Kelly Gang Chapter from the 1870’s and 80’s. We visit the rejuvenated Billson’s Brewery, where owner Nathan, runs us through the history of the brewery. Along with the brewery we take the towns history tour and even get to sit in the same seat Ned Kelly sat in during his court sentencing at the Beechworth Court House.

2020 Australia Day Beechworth VLOG

Check out some of the behind the scenes fun that Nathan and his family had during their Australia Day weekend stay in Beechworth. There is fun and laughter right throughout this video.

Jaw Dropping 30m Waterfalls and Lookouts at Sunset. We visit Paradise Falls and Powers Lookout.

In our first adventure back out of lockdown, we take a day trip across to the little North East Victorian town of Cheshunt and do some exploring throughout the upper reaches of the King Valley. Starting with the almighty Paradise Falls, we take the short bushwalk down to this amazing attraction situated in the King Valley. Towering at 31 metres, Paradise Falls is the perfect place to waste away some time. We then continued across to, the other side of the valley arriving at, Powers Lookout in perfect time to witness a truly breathtaking sunset over the valley below.

Slipping and sliding our way along Evans Creek Track, between Tomahawk Hut and Lake William Hovell.

In this adventure vlog, we go slipping and sliding our way along Evans Creek Track, between Tomahawk Hut and Lake William Hovell, in Victorias North East. Starting our trip at the Carters Mill picnic area at Sawmill Settlement, we venture into the Mansfield State Forest and make our way to Tomahawk Hut. From there we take the Evans Creek Track, passing through shallow creek crossings, hill climbs and slippery hill descents to finally round our adventure up at the stunning Lake William Hovell.

Exploring Rocky Ned Lookout.

There are many amazing sights to see and places to visit all within a stones throw from your home. In this video we head to The Strathbogie Ranges and go exploring the Rocky Ned Lookout. Positioned near Mt. Albert in Victoria’s North East, we reach the Rocky Ned Lookout right on a stunning sunset, allowing for views you only dream of. On our way there we lock the hubs in on the Triton and do a spot of four wheel driving, up some slippery, rutted out tracks and even get to visit a 1942 Air Crash Memorial.

Destination Dakar Roadbook Training and Navigation Day 1.

On this adventure we travel over to the Victorian Goldfields and take on Day 1 of the Destination Dakar Roadbook Training and Navigation. This tour and adventure was hosted by Michael from Destination Dakar, where he and his team run and led a self drive navigational tour where all participants used both paper and digital Rally Roadbooks to navigate our way through the streets and bushland of Victoria’s Goldfields. This video covers Day 1 of 2 of our experience throughout Day 1 of the Roadbook Training and Navigation. This was one fun weekend that far exceeded our expectations.

Destination Dakar Roadbook Adventures Day 2 . We lost our way and found some mud.

In this Adventure Vlog, we continue with our Destination Dakar Roadbook Adventures, with Day 2 of our training and navigation weekend. Along the way we took wrong turns, over shot intersections and we may have even found a muddy puddle or two. Join us for our experiences of the Day 2 Roadbook Adventures and navigation.

The Search For Snow. Toombullups State Forest, Tatong, VIC.

With cabin fever reaching high levels and the temperature dropping dramatically, we pack the family up and head off in the search for snow, in the nearby Toombullups State Forest, Tatong. Join us as we venture into the cold of Winter and our adventures to find some snow and hopefully even build a snow man.

Snow at the Kelly Tree. Puddles, Rain, Snow and Tears. It All Happens.

We return to the infamous Stringybark Creek Historic Reserve but this time there is one major difference. You guessed it, there is Snow at the Kelly Tree. Join us as we escape the house and explore the Stringybark Creek Historic Reserve in the middle of winter after an icy cold Arctic Blast that left Snow covering the region.

Exploring The Vic High Country. Sheepyard Flat to Upper Jamieson Hut.

In this adventure we head out exploring the Vic High Country. We go and explore the Howqua Hills Historical Area, near the Victorian town of Mansfield. With over night swag camping on the cards we explore the area around Sheepyard Flat, on the beautiful Howqua River, as well as go and take a visit to the UpperJamieson Hut, which is located on the magnificent Jamieson River This adventure has laughter to disappointment, and everything inbetween, so be sure to watch the whole adventure unfold and give you some inspiration to go and plan your own adventure.

Mt. Separation Adventure

In this video Nathan goes solo on an evening adventure to Mt. Separation, in the Strathbogie State Forest, to witness what should hopefully be an amazing sunset, did we mention it is also a full moon? This adventure has a bit of everything, from scenic bush drives to a bit of 4 wheel driving fun ad finish off with an ending that can only be seen to be believed.

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